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Radio Free Skaro #233 – Wayward Saward

<![CDATA[ DVDs and Series 6 news were the order of the day as the 2011 DVD release schedule was unveiled this past week in Doctor Who Magazine, and boy howdy are there some puzzling combinations of stories into box sets. The upcoming series of… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #233 – Wayward Saward”

Death of the Doctor – CBBC Clip

<![CDATA[A clip from the upcoming Sarah Jane Adventures episode Death of the Doctor went out on CBBC earlier today. While Death of the Doctor features Matt Smith, he does not appear in the clip – however Katy Manning is seen in her return as… Continue Reading “Death of the Doctor – CBBC Clip”

Radio Free Skaro #195 – Graham Crackers

<![CDATA[ A rare occasion for Radio Free Skaro this week in that all three hosts were unanimous in their praise of The Time of Angels, one of the true high points in recent Doctor Who history that not even a slightly reduced duration or… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #195 – Graham Crackers”