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SPACE Podcast – June 11, 2010

<![CDATA[There was no SPACE podcast this week however the fine folks at Canada’s home of Doctor Who released our take on Amy’s Choice, the very same episode that won SPACE that timeslot across all of Canadian TV on June 5. Have a listen!]]>

SPACE Podcast – June 4, 2010

<![CDATA[After a week off from the SPACE podcast (which also, like Doctor Who itself on SPACE, took last weekend off), the Three Who Rule were back in fine form to give their thoughts on Episode 6 of the new series of Doctor Who, The… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – June 4, 2010”

SPACE Podcast – May 21, 2010

<![CDATA[Since there’s no edition of the SPACE Podcast this week, the good folks at Canada’s home of Doctor Who have turned the floor completely over to Radio Free Skaro to review the most recent episode that aired in North America, “Flesh and Stone”. This… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – May 21, 2010”

SPACE Podcast – May 14, 2010

<![CDATA[On the latest SPACE Podcast, the Three Who Rule give their thoughts on the first half of the Weeping Angels duology, “The Time of Angels”. Don’t worry! Listen and find out for yourself!]]>

SPACE Podcast – May 7, 2010

<![CDATA[Nearly three weeks since their first review of the new series episode Victory of the Daleks, the Three Who Rule offer their truncated take on this much maligned story for the SPACE Podcast. Could their feelings towards the episode have actually changed for the… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – May 7, 2010”

SPACE Podcast – April 23, 2010

<![CDATA[The Three Who Rule begin a stretch on the SPACE podcast doing what they love best – reviewing new Doctor Who episodes! On this week’s installment, they give their thoughts on Episode 1 of the new series, The Eleventh Hour, which premiered in North… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – April 23, 2010”

SPACE Podcast – April 16, 2010

<![CDATA[It’s a Doctor Who-centric SPACE Podcast this week, not only featuring a segment by Radio Free Skaro, but host Mark Askwith talks to Natasha Eloi about her trip to New York for the recent Doctor Who screening event with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – April 16, 2010”

SPACE Podcast – April 2, 2010

<![CDATA[The Three Who Rule return in the latest SPACE Podcast to discuss incoming show runner Steven Moffat and their thoughts and hopes about his upcoming tenure. Enjoy the show!]]>

SPACE Podcast – March 19, 2010

<![CDATA[The Three Who Rule return in the latest SPACE Podcast, barely able to contain their excitement about the upcoming series of Doctor Who starring Matt Smith – and this was recorded before the tantalizing reviews of Episode One had been made available online. You… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – March 19, 2010”

SPACE Podcast – March 5, 2010

<![CDATA[On the latest SPACE Podcast, The Three Who Rule reminisce about Gallifrey 21, where (as followers of this site will have known) they spent the past few days talking to the best and brightest of the Doctor Who world. And, no, The Incident was… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – March 5, 2010”