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SPACE Podcast – May 6, 2011

<![CDATA[ SPACE Podcast – May 6, 2011. Click here to listen! A new SPACE Podcast is out in the wild, and Radio Free Skaro is here to give a review of Day of the Moon, the concluding half of the Series 6 two-part opener.… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – May 6, 2011”

SPACE Podcast – April 29, 2011

<![CDATA[ SPACE Podcast – April 29, 2011. Click here to listen! Radio Free Skaro returns to the SPACE Podcast! For the uninitiated, the SPACE Podcast is the official podcast of SPACE Channel, the Canadian home for Doctor Who. Hosted by Mark Askwith, this weekly… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – April 29, 2011”

SPACE Podcast – April 15, 2011

<![CDATA[SPACE Podcast – April 15, 2011. Click here to listen! In this week’s SPACE podcast, Mark Askwith and Natasha Eloi talk Doctor Who. Natasha was among the lucky folks to attend the screening of episodes 1 & 2 in New York City and now… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – April 15, 2011”

SPACE Podcast – December 17, 2010

<![CDATA[ After a good few months, the Three Who Rule return to the SPACE Podcast to talk about the summer and autumn that followed the end of Series 5, as well as look forward to the upcoming A Christmas Carol airing on SPACE on… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – December 17, 2010”

SPACE Podcast – July 30, 2010

<![CDATA[In the latest SPACE Podcast, The Three Who Rule weigh on on the Season 5 finale, “The Big Bang”, as seen on SPACE last Saturday. After this, the Radio Free Skaro team will be taking a much needed break from doing double duty on… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – July 30, 2010”

SPACE Podcast – July 23, 2010

<![CDATA[On the eve of the finale of Series 5 of Doctor Who on SPACE, the Radio Free Skaro team offer their review of Episode 12, the stupendously awesome The Pandorica Opens, on the latest SPACE Podcast. Read more at the SPACE website! And don’t… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – July 23, 2010”

SPACE Podcast – July 16, 2010

<![CDATA[It’s getting down to the nitty gritty in Matt Smith’s first series in Doctor Who. On the latest SPACE Podcast, the Three Who Rule discuss their thoughts on that delightful romp, The Lodger, which is the last chance for whimsy for The Doctor before… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – July 16, 2010”

SPACE Podcast – July 9, 2010

<![CDATA[After a week off, Doctor Who returned to North American screens on SPACE and BBC America, respectively, with Vincent and the Doctor. Find out what the Three Who Rule thought of this Richard Curtis-written extravaganza on the latest SPACE podcast! At least one of… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – July 9, 2010”

SPACE Podcast – June 25, 2010

<![CDATA[Series 5 rolls on in Canada on SPACE, with Cold Blood being the most recent episode to air. On the latest SPACE Podcast, the Three Who Rule again weigh in on what they thought of the conclusion to the Silurian two-parter; it’s also the… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – June 25, 2010”

SPACE Podcast – June 18, 2010

<![CDATA[The SPACE Podcast returns after taking last week off (although SPACE did publish Radio Free Skaro’s review of Amy’s Choice last Friday); once again Radio Free Skaro makes an appearance, this time to give our thoughts on the first part of the Silurian/Eocene/Homo Reptilia… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – June 18, 2010”