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The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson – The Lost Doctor Who Cold Open

<![CDATA[As viewers who watched the Doctor Who Night episode of The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson know, there was originally supposed to be a Doctor Who-themed cold open to the show that was rehearsed, performed, and recorded, but it was pulled from airing… Continue Reading “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson – The Lost Doctor Who Cold Open”

Matt Smith & Orbital – Doctor Who Theme @ Glastonbury

<![CDATA[Matt Smith appeared on stage with electronica group Orbital as they performed their rendition of the Doctor Who theme live at Glastonbury this weekend. Very little is cooler than this. Have a look: ]]>

Sneak Preview of The Eleventh Hour

<![CDATA[Hot on the heels of the new trailer and Vampires in Venice clip from last night’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, the BBC Red Button service has begun showing the first little bit of Matt Smith’s debut story, The Eleventh Hour. We present it… Continue Reading “Sneak Preview of The Eleventh Hour”

Sneak Preview of Vampires of Venice

<![CDATA[Not only did we see a new trailer for Series 5 on the March 26 edition of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, a sneak preview clip from Episode 6, Vampires of Venice, was also shown. Spoilers ahoy!: ]]>

New Clip From The End of Time

<![CDATA[Another day, another clip from the upcoming The End of Time special. This one comes from BBC Breakfast News on Friday, December 11. View/ignore below at your own peril: ]]>

The End of Time – Children in Need Preview

<![CDATA[Tonight on the annual Children in Need charity drive broadcast, a clip from the upcoming The End of Time Part One was shown. While we at Radio Free Skaro are hesitant to consider things formally announced by the BBC to be spoilers, there are… Continue Reading “The End of Time – Children in Need Preview”

Waters of Mars Preview Clips

<![CDATA[The Guardian website has posted a video featuring three (roughly) one minute-long clips from the upcoming gap year special The Waters of Mars, including previously unseen footage. Obviously spoiler tags apply in this situation, but for those who want to delve forward and partake… Continue Reading “Waters of Mars Preview Clips”