Sneak Preview of Vampires of Venice

<![CDATA[Not only did we see a new trailer for Series 5 on the March 26 edition of Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, a sneak preview clip from Episode 6, Vampires of Venice, was also shown. Spoilers ahoy!:


4 Comments on “Sneak Preview of Vampires of Venice

  1. The RTD gay agenda lives on in Matt Smith’s performance. Huuu-rayyy!

  2. Oh. Oh wow. That’s … yes. Just, yes.

    And I was worried the BBC was going to ruin my birthday. Instead it looks like they got me one heck of a present. Next Saturday can’t come soon enough!

  3. It seems every time I turn around there’s a new clip or trailer. I can’t keep up with them all! This one was awesome, though. Matt Smith is going to be one of my favorites, I can already tell.

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