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The End of Time Trailer

In 1990s-era movie piracy goodness quality (and as mentioned on Radio Free Skaro #151), we have an early bootleg of the trailer for The End of Time presented at today’s San Diego Comic Con panel. Hoo-ray!

New Trailer For “The Waters of Mars”!

Whilst recording the epic length Radio Free Skaro #151, this little nugget floated down the interwebs:

Tennant, Barrowman, and RTD at SDCC

For those who wish they were at San Diego Comic-Con right now but aren’t, here’s David Tennant, John Barrowman, and Russell T Davies introducing the screenings of both Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Five and Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead.: (Thanks to Tim… Continue Reading “Tennant, Barrowman, and RTD at SDCC”

New Doctor Who DVDs for North America in November

Steve Manfred (of the excellent Doctor Who DVD FAQ site) is reporting that both The War Games and the Black Guardian Trilogy (composed of Mawdryn Undead, Terminus, and Enlightenment) will be coming to the North American (Region 1) DVD market on Tuesday, November 3.… Continue Reading “New Doctor Who DVDs for North America in November”

Radio Free Skaro – Wednesday Cutaway

In a noteworthy Wednesday cutaway, Radio Free Skaro enlisted the help of some of our LGBT listeners to hold a discussion on the recent uproar about Torchwood: Children of Earth (about which there will be spoilers!) and the perceived homophobia many in the fandom… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro – Wednesday Cutaway”

Torchwood – Best Viewed In 60-Second Bursts

Another week, another impressive looking Torchwood trailer for your approval. Anticipation, and expectation, grows… This one is from BBC One :

Breaking News: Impressive Torchwood Trailer Airs

Those of you who listen to Radio Free Skaro know that the general consensus of the hosts in regards to their thoughts on Torchwood veer from indifference to disappointment to pleasantly surprised to, even, anticipointment. With few highlights (“Small Worlds”, “Something Borrowed”) in the… Continue Reading “Breaking News: Impressive Torchwood Trailer Airs”

Doctor Who Returns To BBC America

According to Variety Magazine, Doctor Who will moving from the SciFi Network (soon to be called SyFy, to rhyme with “iffy”) to BBC America, starting with the gap year specials. The 2008 Christmas special “The Next Doctor”, which aired in Canada on SPACE in… Continue Reading “Doctor Who Returns To BBC America”