The End of Time Trailer

In 1990s-era movie piracy goodness quality (and as mentioned on Radio Free Skaro #151), we have an early bootleg of the trailer for The End of Time presented at today’s San Diego Comic Con panel. Hoo-ray!

5 Comments on “The End of Time Trailer

  1. Thank the stars for shakley-cam footage. Can’t wait for the official to be posted on the BBC site, or just a higher quality come up on YouTube.

  2. Wonderful. But why is the Master now a bleach blonde?

    Also, can’t wait for a version without the screaming.

    • He’s going for that Spicoli look. After all, you could call The Doctor “Mr. Hand”.

  3. omg! that footage is really annoying though. its too shaky. is it just me, or is there a clip on of a red-eye ood?

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