Radio Free Skaro #824 – Well, How Did I Get Here?

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This week it’s a gamut of emotions including elation, confusion, and intrigue for the Three Who Rule as they examine the third chapter of the Doctor Who: Flux series aka “Once, Upon Time”! What did we think about this story involving everything and the pre-Hartnell kitchen sink? Tune in and find out! We also have news from Gallifrey One and LI Who, Blu-Ray updates, our usual Timelash archeology, and more!


One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #824 – Well, How Did I Get Here?

  1. I am watching Doctor Who via Amazon Prime. I had to buy the series season for like $15 (US dollars) and have to wait to view new episodes until Monday (or Tuesday this past week) But no commercials, which is nice. My partner and I have HBO Max which the rest of the reboot is available on but I have yet to see any of the new stuff. Love you guys a lot!

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