Radio Free Skaro #823 – Rice Pudding and Hard Liquor

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This week on Doctor Who: Flux – it’s a War! With Sontarans! Plus some noodling about with Azure and Swarm, pots and pans and probic vents and more in the second of six new episodes of one Doctor Who television programme. Join the Three Who Rule for their rumination on a Rutan-free conflict zone as well as reflections on the legacy of Bob Baker, the usual historical delvings in The Timelash and, to Warren’s horror, the return of STATS! 


2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #823 – Rice Pudding and Hard Liquor

  1. Just re-watched ST:Generations and totally get the ribbon reference…the flux reminds me more of the temporal anomaly from the All Good Things…finale, to be honest.

  2. Hi. Catching up on your Flux episodes, and I just wanted to say to Chris that when I first saw the Flux in the trailers the very first thing I thought was the ribbon from ST:Generations!! 🙂

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