Radio Free Skaro #716 – We Watched That Space

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Happy Doctor Who day!
Series 12 trailer
Radio Times trailer breakdown
Nerdist trailer breakdown
S12 wrapped filming
Chibnall mentioned series 13 is in the works, with him at the helm
Sir Lenny Henry and Stephen Fry confirmed for series 12
Robert Glennister and Goran Visnjic confirmed for series 12
Whovian complaint form
First 8 selections in the World Cup of Terrance Dicks
Final 2 selections in the World Cup of Terrance Dicks
DWAS charity appeal in the name of Terrance Dicks
Celestial Toyroom reaches issue 500
Edge of Time soundtrack available on all major streaming services
Delia Derbyshire Day, and a video about the founding women of electronic music
Big Finish Diary of River Song series 7 due January 2020
Big Finish ATA Girls series 2 due for International Women’s Day 2020
Big Finish Legacy of Time fan art competition


Danica LeBlanc

Happy 56th birthday, Doctor Who! And what better way to celebrate than with a new Series 12 trailer featuring Cybermen, a giant scorpion, guest stars like Lenny Henry and Stephen Fry, and most importantly, the Doctor in a tux! Of course there’s always other tat and such to celebrate, such as goodies from Big Finish, the World Cup of Terrance Dicks, and Big Finish releases, and we have our final Series 11 commentary for “Resolution” with Danica LeBlanc!

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