Radio Free Skaro #704 – Eat My Salad, Halloween

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The news may be thing on the ground here at Radio Free Skaro headquarters, with Christopher Eccleston convention news, amusing fanvids, and other such fripp and indeed frapp, but we’re very happy to debut our Series 11 Commentaries with our first guest, Bustle movie editor and Head Over Feels co-founder Sage Young, who joins us for the commentary of “The Woman Who Fell To Earth!”

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Harry Sullivan from The Ministry
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The Woman Who Fell To Earth
Sage Young

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #704 – Eat My Salad, Halloween

  1. Hey guys. Love your podcast. Been listening for 9 years. I have always appreciated that you always look for the positive. So easy to be negative. BUT… If you take the pulse of fandom you will realize it’s okay now to “go easy on the girl.” Actually does a disservice to feminism to overly praise something that is so obviously not good. “We better say nice things cause it’s a woman playing the doctor.”

    My daughter needs better than that.

    Bored by your inability to properly criticize the Whittaker era… BUT I do love you guys and thank you for all your work.

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