Radio Free Skaro #703 – Hail Jex, Hail The Unalive

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It’s nearing the end of the summer for us in the northern hemisphere, and thus our summer podcast time filling comes to an end with the second half of our Miniscope on modern series writer Toby Whithouse! But first, listen to Steven become cynical about streaming services, become more excited as the first Gallifrey One guest announcement looms, and enjoy the surfeit of Doctor Who audio releases soon to be playing in your ears (after you listen to us, hopefully).

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Gallifrey One 2020 Late Summer Update
All About Doctor Who in Bath, October 5
Doctor Who Magazine 542
Closer look at B&M Exclusive action figures
Complete David Tennant on North American Blu-Ray
BBC Audio recent releases
BBC Audio upcoming releases
Louise Jameson reads Image of the Fendahl
Dragonfire as read by Bonnie Langford
Big Finish Sixth Doctor and Peri box set
Big Finish Twelfth Doctor Chronicles due February 2020
Big Finish New Countermeasures Dalek/Movellan two-parter due spring 2020
Big Finish New Countermeasures Part One, “The Movellan Manoeuvre”
Big Finish New Countermeasures Part Two, “The Dalek Gambit”
Big Finish competition to write for Bernice Summerfield


Toby Whithouse
A Town Called Mercy
Under the Lake
Before the Flood
The Lie of the Land

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