Radio Free Skaro #698 – Chromophonic Workshop

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Who would have thought we’d see the day Christopher Eccleston would grace the hallowed ground of Edmonton, Alberta, the sacred land of two-thirds of Radio Free Skaro? And yet here we are, as Mr. Eccleston will be a guest of Edmonton Expo (not affiliated with RFS) in September! Alas, North America isn’t so lucky when it comes to DVD and Blu-rayss, as we’ll have to wait until Christmas for the Colin Baker Blu-Ray set, but you can get Big Finish’s 20th anniversary extravaganza The Legacy of Time right now! And speaking of things you can do right now, why not listen to our interview with visual effects wizard, compositor and animator Rob Ritchie, veteran of Doctor Who animated reconstructions and special editions! Do so! At once!

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Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale
Christopher Eccleston announced for Edmonton Expo
Colin Baker Season 2 North American Blu-ray release coming December 3
Complete David Tennant Blu-Ray due in North America September 17
“The Macra Terror” North American release pushed back to November 19
Matthew Sweet interviews Eric Saward about new Doctor Who novelizations
Big Finish “The Legacy of Time” now available
Big Finish “Donna Noble: Kidnapped” announced for May 2020
This episode sponsored by BBC Audio


Rob Ritchie

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