Radio Free Skaro #697 – Let Slip The Dogs Of Bor

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Recorded live from Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport after his flight home was canceled! Steven staves off travel exhaustion to bring you happenings regarding Jon Pertwee, The Macra Terror animation, San Diego Comic-Con Doctor Who merchandise (but not any actual Doctor Who Series 12 panels…), and more, before Chris and Warren swoop in to save him, like The Garm did for a weakened Nyssa, in the Season 20 story “Terminus”, the Classic Series Commentary for which is your reward. Stock up on hydromel and join us!

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Gallifrey One 2020 tickets still on sale
Matthew Sweet talks to Sean Pertwee about Jon Pertwee
Richard Bignell talks to Charles Norton about Macra Terror animation
Terry Nation Army YouTube series
BF Torchwood Serenity released early to coincide with 10th anniversary of Ianto’s death
BF Gallifrey Time War 3 due February 2020
DW Edge of Time VR game will have a demo at SDCC, BBCA SDCC booth details
SDCC exclusive Titan Thirteenth Doctor issue 9
New K-9 series in development
Whooverville XI coming to the QUAD in Derby on August 31

Classic Series Commentary:


One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #697 – Let Slip The Dogs Of Bor

  1. Gold star to Warren for referencing Wendi Pini and ElfQuest! Or was I giving points…?

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