Radio Free Skaro #633 – The Erato Adventures of Hercules

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The weather is warm, the flowers are blooming and the Doctor Who news is…sparse. Almost non-existent in fact, other than delicious morsels like the Series 9 soundtrack arriving in our eardrums, an official announcement on that US “Genesis of the Daleks” cinema screening on June 11, and of course what you’ve all been waiting for, the second part of our Christopher Barry miniscope, featuring his work on “The Mutants”, “Robot”, “The Brain of Morbius” and perennial favorite (to Chris, at any rate) “The Creature from the Pit”!

1988 UK response to Doctor Who season 24
Series 9 soundtrack available, “The Shepherd’s Boy” sample track
Genesis of the Daleks cinema screenings press release


Christopher Barry
The Mutants
The Brain of Morbius
The Creature from the Pit

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #633 – The Erato Adventures of Hercules

  1. Got my Series 9 Soundtrack today. Much as you said, I ordered through Amazon.Uk to avoid that weirdly high shipping cost from Silva Screen and got the ‘plain’ version, no extra goodies.

    I don’t mind terribly since what I really wanted was a sonically decent version of Heaven Sent. Hoping that’s the case when I listen to it later.
    I just expect the ordering process to be clear: ‘ this is what you get’ instead of this bait and switch system, intentional or not.

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