Radio Free Skaro #632 – Barry From Coquitlam

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One of the most prolific directors in Doctor Who history finally gets his time in the Miniscope as the Three Who Rule look at the first half of the career of Christopher Barry, breaking down his work on “The Daleks”, “The Rescue”, “The Romans”, the missing stories “The Savages” and “The Power of the Daleks” (as best as possible), and concluding with 1971’s “The Daemons”. Also, while Warren is in New York, news on Gallifrey One, BBC Wales, and upcoming cinema screenings of “Genesis of the Daleks”…

Gallifrey One 2019 – Sold Out!
BBC Wales new broadcast centre
Genesis of the Daleks cinema screening?
Black Archive – Marco Polo
Infinity wins Game Developer Conference award
BBC sound effects site


Christopher Barry
The Daleks
The Rescue
The Romans
The Savages
The Power of the Daleks
The Daemons

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