Radio Free Skaro #609 – Golden Years

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As we hurtle towards Christmas, and more importantly, the premiere of “Twice Upon A Time”, the BBC has delivered a snippet of said story featuring one Peter Capaldi, David Bradley and Mark Gatiss trading badinage in Twelve’s TARDIS, and it is a delight. Also, Steven Moffat was announced to appear at the biggest Doctor Who convention in North America, Gallifrey One, to the general giddiness of the Three Who Rule. Besides all this news, we also have the second part of Warren’s interview with director Rachel Talalay, along with a look at one her stories for our final Second Chances segment with comedian and writer Riley Silverman!

Twice Upon a Time clip from Children in Need
Children in Need sets a record for donations
Twice Upon a Time will be the end for Murray Gold
Steven Moffat to headline Gallifrey One
John Smith hired to work on Series 10 & Twice Upon a Time
Whoblique Strategies charity anthology coming this month
Chicago TARDIS, Nov 24-26, 2017


Rachel Talalay

Second Chances:

Riley Silverman
The Doctor Falls

7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #609 – Golden Years

  1. Can’t wait until we get the continuation of Rachel’s interview about the regeneration scene

  2. Maybe the last two soundtracks will get a release in tribute to Gold’s vast career on WHO? Maybe? Please?

  3. Great interview. Glad it was Warren. Good job.

    Yes, can’t wait until the follow-up about the regen scene.

    PCap forever.

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  6. The scene in Caves of Androzani was actually the Doctors eyes getting blurry from the toxin. I watched it again after listening to the podcast.

    The Ohio Type 40 Doctor Who Group

  7. Voyagers reference!

    I might be the only person to listen to that podcast but I would be there.

    I initially did not like this episode at all but I think you all have softened me a little,

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