Radio Free Skaro #603 – Sound and Vision

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Happy Thanksgiving (in Canada)! This week, we have new from New York Comic Con, as one Peter Capaldi charmed the good folk of the Big Apple for one final time as Doctor Who, plus we have news of cinematic screenings of “Twice Upon A Time”, explosive details about Danny Hargreaves’ future and the new season of Doctor Who, and and AND Chip, our friend from This Week in Time Travel and Two-Minute Time Lord, joins us for a look at the start of the Monk Trilogy (such as it was) and all the japery and indeed Papery in…”Extremis!”

Capaldi at New York Comic Con
Twice Upon A Time to get US cinema screenings
The Companions, illustrated by Russell T Davies
Danny Hargreaves kept on by the new production team
Trevor Martin died

Second Chances:

Chip Sudderth

3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #603 – Sound and Vision

  1. Regarding Steven’s question to Chip about whether or not he perceived the recent season of Doctor Who differently, because he was now part of a regular podcast discussing the episodes:

    Perhaps in a future episode, you could discuss how you may have experienced Doctor Who differently, knowing that you were going to be discussing it in front of a listening audience.

    I teach music at University, and one of the exercises I assign students is to attend a concert, and then write a paper about it afterwards. I give them certain items they must cover in their papers–things to listen for and think about– and so it is recommended they take notes during the concert or immediately afterwards.

    Following the paper, we discuss the concert/paper experience in class, and one of the questions I put to them is whether or not they think they experienced the music differently because of the paper, as well as whether they enjoyed the music more or less.

    Perhaps the three of you could also share your process of watching an episode and preparing for the podcast. How many times do you watch an episode? Do you try to watch it the first time, completely blocking out the idea that you have to discuss it on the podcast?

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Count me on Team Steven about Extremis. I absolutely agree with your thoughts that it was way to packed with whizbang and it just misses story beats completely. If felt at the time that this was basically an old school Moffat Webisode, that they then stretched into a full length episode, Oh what if we went to the Vatican, Oh what if we went to CERN, oh what if we went to the White House. I think it would have worked as a five minute prequel to the trilogy that could have then benefited from flushing out the threat of the Monks and spent more time on life under the monks. Because they wasted so much time on moody place setting it completely undermined the entire Monk Trilogy by making everything else just rush through. The failure of the Monk Trilogy created a sink hole mid-season that could have sunk the whole thing but was saved at the last minute by Rachel Talalay’s brilliant work on the World Enough and Time. The Monk trilogy made me long for the sweet embrace of a Gattis episode for pete’s sake. At least this wasn’t as bad as Hell Bent, but that is about the most positive thing I can say about it.

  3. It has been some time, but I thought some of the people who committed suicide in the simulation did so in defiance of the Monks, knowing that there was a nefarious purpose behind the simulation.

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