Radio Free Skaro #602 – Station to Station

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Warren returns to the fold this week, to examine both various dribs and drabs of Doctor Who news and to debate amongst the Three Who Rule as to the worth of the new Star Trek: Discovery series. What would a podcast between three nerds be without spurious Trek talk, you ask? Well, it would be a podcast with pop culture reporter Edie Nugent taking a look at Series 10’s space-set not-zombie nail-biter, “Oxygen,” in our Second Chances series!

Alex Kingston at Edmonton Expo
The Wheel in Space recons on BritBox
Gallifrey One ticket transfers open
Gallifrey One supports the Pop Culture Hero Coalition
Milk VFX Doctor Who Series 10 showreel
Doctor Who Fan Show with RTD & James Goss
Now We Are All 600 podcast with Russell T Davies, James Goss and Richard E Grant
The Barrowmans honour Lis Sladen
Child Out of Time book due October 16
Radiophonic Workshop on Radio 6
Doctor Who Infinity game due Spring 2018
Titan Kawaii Doctor Who figures coming January 18

Second Chances:

Edie Nugent

4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #602 – Station to Station

  1. Warren, did you see Star Wars, The Force Awakens or Rogue One? They looked more like the original trilogy than the prequels did. I still maintain that STD could’ve made more effort with the original series look, unless as rumoured this turns out to be set in the Mirror Universe

  2. On Steven’s issue with the scientists blowing themselves up: they believe they’re “saving the world”, as the lead scientist says, because they know that whatever else they do will just give the enemy more data with which to attack the real world. That’s the existentialist horror of this simulated world, and the only thing you can do to fight back is to die faster.

  3. Is there anywhere you can find the Canadian airing numbers for Star Trek Discovery?

    Other than the Orville seems to be doing far better it is hard to figure out how Discovery is doing.

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