Radio Free Skaro #598 – Lady Stardust

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As we slog through the Dark Times before the Doctor Who Xmas special “Twice Upon a Time”, the news is a bit thin on the ground, though we have new Gallifrey One guests (including a bevy of them connected to “The Greatest Show in the Galaxy”), upcoming Big Finish, and…the start of our new series of looks back at Series 10: Second Chances! Heather Berberet from Doctor Who On The Couch joins us to take a look at the debut of Bill Potts and the introduction of a mysterious vault in…”The Pilot!”

Gallifrey One guest announcement
Series 10 DVD/BD due November 7 on North America
Captain John returns to Torchwood
September Big Finish releases

Second Chances:

Heather Berberet
The Pilot

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