Radio Free Skaro #572 – Comic Sans

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As the weeks tick slowly down to new Doctor Who, we have a short teaser to discuss, with sparks and Capaldi hair and Nardole and Bill! Gallifrey One 2018 tickets go on sale soon, so get your purchasing fingers limbered! The Series 10 premiere will hit theatres in April, and we salute John Hurt’s last turn as the War Doctor in the Big Finish production “Casualties of War”! Finally, we have two interviews from Gallifrey One for you, with novelist, comic book scribe and Doctor Who writer Paul Cornell, as well as Titan Comics brand manager Chris Thompson!

Gallifrey One 2018 tickets go on sale April 8
Series 10 teaser
First five Series 10 episode titles revealed?
US cinemas will get the Series 10 premiere April 17 & 19
Trailer for Big Finish “Casualties of War”, John Hurt’s last performance as the War Doctor
Disney Time Tom Baker links from 1975
Missing Who event May 27, ft. Deborah Watling, Peter Purves, Sue Malden, Philip Morris, Graham Strong
Gallifrey One: 28 Days Later


Chris Thompson
Paul Cornell

9 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #572 – Comic Sans

  1. Last week’s ep was great, make no mistake!
    Ready for a new one, tho…

  2. The “Download MP3” link does not appear to be properly linked to a file. Comparing the source code to last week’s (I don’t understand code, but I’m the sort of obsessive nerd who will look at the code, even though I don’t understand it), it looks like the problem may be that it has “yhref” instead of “href”.

  3. Nope, download link doesn’t seem to working yet Steven. Sorry to be a pain, but your podcast brightens up my Monday mornings before work!

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  5. Thanks guys for fixing load so we can listen later: rfs572mp3
    Looking forward to your news.
    “Pai katoa”as we say in NZ: All good


  6. Mondasian Cybermen return?? You have to be kidding……oh, wait.

    Good call, you must be psychic!

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