Radio Free Skaro #537 – A Towering Intelligence

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rfs537San Diego Comic-Con looms like a monolith on the very edge of our collective nerd conscience, and though Doctor Who officially will not be at this year’s SDCC, Titan Comics will be holding a panel and slaking the fires of word-balloon fueled fever! Add to that a contest for signed copies of issues #500 and #501 of Doctor Who Magazine, and Warren’s live-tweeting adventure chronicling the Director’s Guild of Canada with Rachel Talalay and Amanda Tapping (Storify link in the show notes) and you’ve got yourself a podcas…..but wait! There’s also a commentary on the classic series adventure “The Time Warrior” for you to enjoy! Oh yes, and three old men trying to talk about Pokemon and failing utterly. Shame them, for they deserve it.

Titan Comics…Does San Diego Comic-Con!
Doctor Who Magazine…Competition!
David Tennant…Gets Honourary Doctorate!
DGC Master Class…With Rachel Talalay!
DGC Master Class…Live Tweets Storified!


The Time…Warrior!

5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #537 – A Towering Intelligence

  1. Great podcast as always fellahs!

    I’m one of those perverted types who listens to the commentaries, even though I’m not watching the TV episode at the same time. Mind you, it’s still very enjoyable. 🙂

    Especially when you include the full toilet break… 😉

  2. Okay… having the full ‘bathroom break’ is getting up there with John “our audience will watch anything” Nathan-Turner level of hubris.

  3. Was the toilet break an editing omission or some sort of post modern, meta textual moment of self awareness? It was a strange incident as I listened to the podcast on my commute to work.

  4. Some may call it an editing error, others might call it meta textual….

    But it was so an editing error. You fine people got the original version, but it was fixed about an hour or so after the episode dropped. Sorry ’bout that, folks.

  5. So now you’ve reversed the polarity of the neutron flow, as it were?

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