Radio Free Skaro #538 – Time Crimes

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rfs538The news drought continues, but that doesn’t stop us from coming up with spurious, quasi-Doctor Who related detective shows, Pigbin Josh Christmas adventures and quite possibly the worst analysis of the UK’s political climate since Donald Trump visited a golf course. All this and Fluid Links, chums! The mind reels!

Matt Strevens…Series 10 Exec Producer!
Bill Anderson…Directing Series 10!
Tom Baker…Joins Star Wars Rebels!
British Culture Secretary…Sacked!

4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #538 – Time Crimes

  1. Please – yes, please – at least one episode of next season needs to be a SPACE ROCK OPERA – seeing as how Capaldi can actually rock out on a guitar. SOMEONE CONTACT MOFFAT, please, and pay him lots of money to do this!

  2. Several comments on your latest show – regarding fluid link question about show name, how about Basil Disco instead of Doctor Who (see Zygon Invasion – Zygon Inversion)

  3. Here’s how I think a multi doctor episode could happen, which I think Titan Comics is already doing. Some evil entity needs to interact with each doctor separately at a different point in time. Capaldi remembers all these encounters and is able to defeat the evil entity. Or better yet, the evilness encounters Capaldi first, and then encounters the eighth doctor, and then the 10th doctor, and is defeated by Matt Smith.

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