Radio Free Skaro #532 – Roll D84 For Initiative

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rfs532There’s very little news this week, as per usual, and what we do know comes from cons across the land, including Michelle Gomez talking about her future on the show at Fan Expo Dallas, and where Peter Capaldi also proved (once again) his fan bona fides with an amazing imitation of a scene from “Day of the Daleks”! But vast these mere baubles of information aside and drink in the thoughts of the Three Who Rule as they answer your questions with the return of….Fluid Links!

Missy Returns…In Series 10!
Series 10…Begins Filming In Two Weeks!
Peter Capaldi…Dalek Impressions At Fan Expo Dallas!
Fan Expo…Dallas!
Classic Costumes…For Sale!

4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #532 – Roll D84 For Initiative

  1. Dear Sirs,

    I found your proposed solution for the Foreman/Forman debacle to be lacking in subtlety.

    If you re-view Resurrection of the Daleks, you will see that the gate has CLEARLY been painted recently.

    I put it to you that the (First?) Doctor has hired an illiterate painter to re-do the fence, and that the blame can be placed solely on that individual who, do to circumstances beyond the Doctor’s control, would up doing the job unsupervised.

    I trust that when one of you is named showrunner, your first post-regeneration episode will deal with this correctly, with a CGI Hartnell and a guest appearance by William Russell.

    I imagine your new Doctor’s first words to be something like: “Foreman with an E! Rory’s Badge! Must find out if Steven slept with Dodo. Unaccounted for Cyberman loose in the TARDIS!

  2. Clearly that should have read, “Remembrance of the Daleks”

  3. I went to Awesome Con on Sunday to see Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman. This was probably the worst run convention I have been to over 35 years. There are loads of complaints from many people for a variety of reasons, but the lowlight of the convention was the Capaldi and Coleman Q&A being delayed nearly 2 hours and then being cut short from a scheduled 45 minutes down to barely 35 minutes. This delay was not announced all at once, but was incrementally done as people waited (with many people having to stand outside the room and told that they probably would not get in). The major reason for the delay was that the convention was greedy in selling too many VIP tickets, photo-ops, and autographs than they could handle in a reasonable amount of time.

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