Radio Free Skaro #527 – The One With Big Ron

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rfs527After a banner week of…well, a new companion announcement and accompanying short, which counts for a lot in this, The Year of No Doctor Who, we’re back to an absolutely desolate news list-ette with barely anything of consequence beyond an art show about Target Books. Which is admittedly pretty cool! And we’ve also put the Series 9 commentaries on the back burner, but only temporarily, because this week we have an interview with Peter Harness, writer of “The Zygon Invasion” and “The Zygon Inversion”, and all around classy fella to boot! Listen and learn (about Zygons)!

Andy Pryor on the casting of Pearl Mackie
Heaven Sent is a Hugo Award finalist
Weeping Angels 2-DVD set coming October 4


Peter Harness

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #527 – The One With Big Ron

  1. I think that speech would could be reworked into a movie about an ex German WW2 veteran in the 70’s or 80’s who works in the third world trying to prevent conflicts in the wake of decolonization, while at the same time wrestling with his inner demons from that war.

    I read a book about reserve police battalion 101, middle age police officers from Hamburg which had been drafted into army as military police. They took part in the final solution, anyone who wanted didn’t have to take part in the killing but out of kindness in the end everyone did because they didn’t want their friends to do such a horrible job alone.
    I also read a book about the rape of Nanking but that was so horrible the Nazi was the good guy !

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