Radio Free Skaro #526 – The Twin Dilemma

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rfs526New Doctor Who! A whole two minutes of it, featuring just-announced new companion Pearl Mackie, AKA Bill, AKA AsBill (according to some Wags of Fandom.) We’ll dive into what the Three Who Rule think of the Doctor’s new best friend given the tiniest of morsels with which to analyze her origins and attitudes, as well as swim deeply into the fetid waters of stats, from whose rotten grip no-one escapes unscathed. Also comics, Target books, confusing DVD releases, and a commentary for “The Zygon Inversion” with The Doctor Who Fan Show’s Christel Dee!

Pearl Mackie…As Bill!
Friend…From The Future!
Pearl Mackie…Interview!
BBC Viewing Figures…For Series 9!
Outside Content…On BBC iPlayer!
The Target Book…Reissue!
Titan Comics…Summer Multi-Doctor Crossover!
North American…Upcoming Doctor Who DVD News!


The Zygon…Inversion!

5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #526 – The Twin Dilemma

  1. Mackie seems an excellent and interesting choice from what little we’ve seen but I must admit I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t Rakhee Thakrar. British Asians are underrepresented on Doctor Who. I’d be interested to survey international viewers of DW to see what they think the racial make-up of the UK is based on their viewing of the show. My guess is the consensus would be that people of Afro-Caribbean background are the largest ethnic minority. Black/Black British people account for 3% of the UK population while Asians/British Asians make up 6.9% and I don’t think this is reflected in the casting of DW.

  2. No connection between football and Doctor Who? (ahem) Matt Smith…?

    I’m looking forward to seeing Pearl Mackie. I think her stage work will come in handy in a sci-fi show.

  3. Greeni your complaint is right. It is nice to see it well articulated.

  4. I think Pearl Mackie is an awesome choice. She reminds me of Ace. With the attitude more of Ellis George’s excellent portrayal of Courtney Woods “disruptive influence”. In fact I am starting to wonder if Courtney’s nickname is going to suddenly turn into “Bill” since they have similar hair. I should be happy with whichever way they go, but that 2 minutes of excellent footage is a great way to start.

    Does Rose mock the Darlek in a similar way by RTD’s writing?

  5. I don’t need a young woman on screen to ‘identify’ with, it doesn’t freeze out anyone not to have their exact demographic on screen (kids do not want to watch kids on the show, as has been repeatedly proven). I can relate to and sympathise with a huge range of people who have nothing in common with me; that’s what storytelling is about. The Doctor is an impossibly old, eccentric alien and I can still sympathise with him, his being a man is not a major obstacle.

    On the other hand, I’m not arguing with that companion casting habit at all. It is the easiest and most effective dynamic to pair the Doctor with a young woman, it’s going to be the status quo the vast majority of the time. You do want contrasting leads and both sexes unless there’s a reason not to have that. I just profoundly disagree with the idea that I need a cipher of a character who is just like me to enjoy something. That’s not how it works.

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