Radio Free Skaro #501 – Osgood As It Gets


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rfs501Warren, Steven and Erika are winding down their UK journey, but they’re still wandering around London, Derby, Cardiff and elsewhere with stunned looks in their eyes and swelling love for Albion in their hearts. Meanwhile, “The Zygon Inversion” has graced our screens, and the Three Who Rule have some things to say about it, and the much talked about performance of one Peter Capaldi! Plus news, and an interview with current Doctor Who production designer Michael Pickwoad! Next week, Long Island Who, live (ish) from NYC (ish)!
Show notes:

The Zygon…Inversion!
The Zygon Invasion…Appreciated!
The Woman Who Lived…BBC Viewing Figure!
Doctor Who Festival…New Guests!
Series 10…Is A Full Series!
Doctor Who…As A Pawn!
Patrick Ness…Talks Class!
Series 9…Scripts!
BBC Store…Details!
The Doctor…In The Next LEGO Movie?




10 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #501 – Osgood As It Gets

  1. Wait a minute…he said it would start up again in March or February not May!

  2. “Don’t forget about the motorcycle.”

    But was that the Doctor on the motorcycle?

  3. Matt smith was on the motorcycle. He rode up the side of a building!!

  4. “Matt smith was on the motorcycle. He rode up the side of a building!!”
    That wasn’t the Doctor riding up the side of the building, but it was him on the motorbike with Clara when they left the TARDIS. So you’re right, that is another vehicle he used.
    He also drove a van in Amy’s Choice, while in a dream state.

  5. Actually Tennant DID drive the bus at the end of “Planet of the Dead,” once he got it flying. You guys have probably forgotten because you have a mental block when it comes to that episode. I don’t know why. I really liked that one.

    And wasn’t Osgood with Kate Stewart when she greeted the Doctor and Clara at the opening of “Day of the Doctor”? Oh! And they were both also there at the climax when the three Doctors negotiated the peace treaty. That would mean that the REAL Osgood DID meet Clara before…TWICE in one story! So…here’s my theory. The Osgood that was murdered by Missy? Zygon. The Osgood we’ve seen in this story? Zygon. In fact ALL of the Osgoods we’ve been seeing are ALL zygons. The real Osgood volunteered to be put in a pod indefinitely to serve as a template for all of the Osgood-zygons to access until the day comes when humans and zygons truly live in peace.

  6. How they handled Osgood was brilliant writing. By Osgood being so adamant she isn’t either Zygon or Human it becomes irrelevant. Thus having the Zygon die to the master is just as bad as having the human die. It was a brilliant handling of killing the Zygon without cheapening the scene. That said if Osgood becomes a companion who cares if she is Zygon anyways?

    The bad part of the episode was the Doctor imposing a peace treaty on the humans and hiding it from them. He is really acting like the Master here. Imposing his will on the earth no buy in from anyone including Clara, Kate, the Prime Minister or the Queen. He repeatedly erased everyone’s mind until they see it his way. Even the original treaty came about because he forced Officer Stewart’s hand. As is evidenced by the results, the treaty is unsustainable and the Doctor can’t admit that to himself.

    That said since Kate Steward usurped the authority of the British government, there have been 15 covered up attempts to replace the government in Britain, virtually everyone is dead in UNIT and several cities full of sentients have been killed: Do you think it will help or hurt during Kate Stewart’s Court Marshall that she can’t remember any of it? How do you think Osgood will be as a witness to the trial being one of the last surviving members of UNIT?

    If you want to deal with the results of the Doctor’s actions he left a major disaster behind him. If nothing else how many sentients will die in the next insurrection?

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