Radio Free Skaro #481 – Tin Can Danny


Radio Free Skaro #481 – Click here to listen!

rfs481The news reached dire levels of non-existence this week, but the Three Who Rule soldiered on in exactly the sort of way Twelve would have roundly disapproved of. Despite there being little movement other than comic book rumblings (in the fall, no less!) there was a light at the end of the tunnel in the form of the commentary for “Death In Heaven”, with none other than the inestimable J.R. Southall of the Blue Box Podcast and Starburst Magazine lending us his sharp eye, keen brain and devastating wit.
Show notes:

This Is…Colin Baker!
Disney XD…Doctor Who Trailer!
Titan’s Tenth Doctor Year 2…Starts In September!
Si Spurrier…Writes For Titan’s Eleventh Doctor Year Two!
Symphonic Spectacular…On Home Video?
John Hurt…Diagnosed With Cancer.

Death…In Heaven!


7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #481 – Tin Can Danny

  1. Hi guys pertwee went on to do a kids show called wormel grimace (sp)
    And was a host on a murder whodunit show
    Called. Whodunnit. After his Dr who career

    Cheers. Luv the. Show

  2. I don’t have any doubt JR Southall is absolutely right about Moffat planning the solider theme/arc well in advance to tie in with Remembrance Sunday.
    There were huge numbers of programmes and events across the UK throughout last year marking the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WWI, culminating in the remembrance day weekend. We even had David Cameron noxiously urging the nation to “celebrate”(?) the occasion.
    It really was saturation coverage, so many DW viewers in the UK couldn’t help but see the link.

  3. Hey guys! I wanted to thank you for preventing me from making a mistake I would have regretted for ages. I pre-ordered the upcoming Big Finish release, “The Last Adventure” as a download only. Thanks to you, I was alerted to my error and was able to contact Big Finish in time to pre-order the boxed set instead. I’d have been devastated missing out on the autographs!

  4. I heard from Big Finish again this morning and it sounds like there was a miscommunication regarding which disks I wanted. Anyway, “The Last Adventure” isn’t autographed, it’s the Colin Baker interview disks that are. (Still not a bad deal.)

  5. J.R. Southall provided excellent commentary! I want to listen to his podcast, but I can’t find a link to the RSS feed (no, I’m not going back to iTunes!). Can anyone help a fellow DW fan out? 🙂

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