Radio Free Skaro #480 – The Talons of Dr. Chang


Radio Free Skaro #480 – Click here to listen!

rfs480News! News! News! So much news this week, from Vines of P-Cap playing guitar to Series 9 rumours, royal honours, convention doings and undoings, and (fake, but awesome) Doctor Who LEGO video games! The mind boggles! “But what else, you fiends?!” you declare, and for you, beloved listener, we also have Verity’s own Tansy Rayner Roberts with us for a commentary on “Dark Water”, the penultimate Series 8 showstopper featuring water, darkness and more!
Show notes:

Doctor Who Series 9…Episode 10 Details!
Series 9…Start Date?
Peter Capaldi…Thrashes!
Steven Moffat…Gets Honoured!
Doctor Who Event…In Berlin!
Radio Times…Festival!
Fan Expo Canada…Welcomes Companions!
L.I. Who…Guest Update!
UNIT…Big Finish Spinoff Details!
Big Finish…UNIT Extinction Trailer!
Titan Comics…San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive!
Titan Comics…Four Doctors Trailer!
LEGO Doctor Who…Fan Video!
Ravolox Remixes…High Bitrate Release!
Doctor Who…The High Council Podcast!
John Nathan-Turner…Bus!

Tansy…Rayner Roberts!


4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #480 – The Talons of Dr. Chang

  1. As a Mormon living in Brighton@Hove, how geeked out was I by this week’s news !

    Now if I was a pedant I might of course feel obliged to note that members of my particular brand of Christianity haven’t practiced polygamy since the 19th Century. But since the word “pedant” and “Doctor Who fan” have NEVER been used together in the same sentence, I will of course decline even to make the merest mention of such a thing :o)

    Thanks for the great podcast – keep up the sterling work !

  2. I have only been listening for a few weeks but this is my favorite doctor who podcast. I have to know though: who put together your theme music? Give him or her my congratulations!

  3. You mentioned in the commentary how they wouldn’t really need the keys to the TARDIS anyway because the Doctor can just snap his fingers to open the doors.

    I don’t know about doors in Canada but over here in Europe the locking/unlocking feature is usually separate from the open/close one.

    He might still need the keys is all I’m saying is all.

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