Radio Free Skaro #474/A – Easy Laughter with Rob Shearman


Radio Free Skaro #474/A – Click here to listen!

rfs474aIn this special mini-episode of Radio Free Skaro, Steven interviews writer Robert Shearman about his recent trip to New York to watch a production of his 1992 play “Easy Laughter”, as performed by Dirt [contained]! Rob and Steven also talk about Series 8 of Doctor Who, and Rob gives an update on the soon-to-be-released Running Through Corridors Volume 2.

And people of New York! This current run of “Easy Laughter” is on until Sunday. Click the link below for tickets to see one of Rob’s personal favourite plays!

Show notes:

Dirt [contained} and their production of Rob Shearman’s “Easy Laughter”

Robert Shearman


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