Radio Free Skaro #444 – Boneless Chicken Wings


Radio Free Skaro #444 – Click here to listen!

rfs444Doctor Who is often at its best when it mixes domesticity with the fantastical, and the Jamie Mathieson penned, Douglas Mackinnon directed “Flatline” was no exception, if the rapturous reception (spoilers) of the Three Who Rule for this week’s episode is anything to go by. Thrill to their enthusiasm! Enjoy their musings! Agree with them or else! All that passive-aggressive goodness and the usual stats, tat and flibbity flap awaits!
Show Notes:

Jamie Mathieson…Flatline Blog Post!
Jamie Mathieson…Another Blog Post!
Jamie Mathieson…Posts On His Blog Again!
Jamie Mathieson…Twitter Q&A!
In The Forest Of The Night…Trailer Oopsie?
Flatline…BBC One Overnights!
Mummy On The Orient Express…Appreciated!
Mummy On The Orient Express…Final BBC One Ratings!
Kill The Moon…BBC One Final Ratings!
Dark Water…Synopsis!
An Adventure In Space And Time…Emmy Nomination!
Michael Hayes…Dies.
Tom Spilsbury…Talks Spoilers!
Doctor Who Magazine…479!
New Sixth Doctor…Big Finish Companion!
Seven Moffat…At MIPCOM!
Peter Capaldi…At Project Motormouth 3!
Doctor Who…Anatomy Of A Hit!
Waris Hussein…Awarded!
Doctor Who Book…Reprints!
Lalla Ward…Wrote A(nother) Book!
Seventh Doctor…Umbrella!
BBC…Genome Project!


6 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #444 – Boneless Chicken Wings

  1. The only thing somewhat lessening the awesomeness that was this episode was the Mission Impossible-y/James Bonde-y music. Bring back the Radiophonic Workshop dammit!

    Cheerio …!

  2. At least Strictly Come Dancing is better than Tumble, right? 😉

    Another great episode!! Love listening every week.

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  4. In your discussion about the recurrence of the theme of a forest, I would add that in 7b Clara was said to have flown in on a leaf, and the leaf became a symbol for Clara, her “page one”. Clara used the leaf in “Rings” and then Eleven gave it back to her in “Name of” Since much of the character development arc this series has revolved around Clara, I wonder if the use of the forest relates to her. Did you notice the nervous system mural on the wall, how it looked like a forest? Foreshadowing maybe? Too deep?

  5. Becky,

    I almost forget that Clara was in Series 7b, given how different (and better) Clara is in Series 8! So little attention has been paid to her 7b arc that I think the leaf/forest angle won’t play much of a part. But what do I know? I thought nothing of Matt Smith’s reappearing jacket in The Time of Angels.

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