Radio Free Skaro #443 – Execute Order 66


Radio Free Skaro #443 – Click here to listen!

rfs443Trains! Space! A mummy! Jelly babies! Foxes! All things in writer Jamie Mathieson’s “Mummy on the Orient Express,” this week’s episode of the obscure and not well regarded televisual program known as Doctor Who, and all subjects for debate for the Three Who Rule, who mulled all these elements plus rampant lying, Bechdel cabs, and much more! Also stats, comics books, Foxes’ spoiler-y music video, and much more! Well actually, that’s really about it. But enjoy regardless!
Show Notes:

Mummy…On The Orient Express!
Mummy On The Orient Express…BBC Overnights!
Jamie Mathieson…Reddit AMA!
Foxes…Full Song And Doctor Who Trailer!
Kill The Moon…Appreciated!
Flatline…BBC One Broadcast Time!
In The Forest Of The Night…Synopsis & BBC One Broadcast Time!
Phil Ford and Ben Wheatley…Record An Into The Dalek Commentary!
Twelfth Doctor…Titan Comics Trailer!
Ninth Doctor…Titan Comics Miniseries!
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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #443 – Execute Order 66

  1. Clara’s insistance all through the episode that this was one last hurrah made it obvious she was having second thoughts. Loved the excitement from the two of them at the end too.

    Also think the mention of Gus calling the TARDIS was a neat reference to the phone call the 11th Doctor got at the end of the Big Bang.

  2. Respectfully, and with thanks for sharing another enjoyable discussion, I think you missed a major characterization point established about Clara. She is an addict – either to the Doctor himself or to the “impossible” life he leads (maybe she liked being the Impossible Girl more than she lets on). When the Doctor says no one ever knows if something’s an addiction until they try to give it up, he’s clearly talking about her. I don’t think it’s “sweet and touching” that the Doctor is her enabler; it’s probably setting us up for some heartbreaking, gut-wrenching end to Clara’s story. (Curse you, Moffat!)

    As for what happened to the others: maybe the only other one he *could* save was Perkins. We only saw Perkins, and he chose not to go with the Doctor – “That job could change a man.” It’s deliberately ambiguous (just like whether or not the Doctor pushed the Cyborg in “Deep Breath”).

    Radio Free Skaro is awesome, you guys – thanks for such a quality show, week in and week out!

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  4. Great show as ever, I’m loving how wide a set of opinions his season is generating.

    The “Bechdel Scene” was hilarious, I thought. Maybe a deliberate bit of trolling on Mathieson’s part? (Or maybe Moffat, considering the near-constant unfounded accusations of sexism leveled at him.) The Bechdel Test, while useful, has morphed into a monster – any story in any medium that is seen to fail it is now seen as being “objectively” sexist. A lot of people take it waaaaay too seriously now.

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