Radio Free Skaro #441 – Officer's Mess


Radio Free Skaro #441 – Click here to listen!

rfs441When we found out that Gareth Roberts was the scribe behind “The Caretaker,” we all expected a rompity-romp-romp, much like “The Lodger” and “Closing Time.” And while this story did have rompy moments, it was also funny, touching and filled with nice character touches that you’ll only find out about if you listen to our review. So do so! This weekend was also when Edmonton Expo descended on the Edmonton Expo Centre in sunny Edmonton, Alberta, and Steven was there to moderate a panel on Doctor Who and more specifically Series Eight with Erika Ensign, convention general manager Shane Turgeon, and Sara Ellen. Tune in to find out what these noble souls thought of P-Cap, J-Co, The Moff and everything else we’ve seen so far in Series Eight!
Show Notes:

The Caretaker…BBC One Overnights!
Time Heist…Appreciated!
Listen…Scores A Top Ten!
Kill The Moon…Goes Out At 8:30 On BBC One!
Peter Capaldi…On The Graham Norton Show!
Mummy On The Orient Express…Synopsis!
Katy Manning…Visits The TARDIS Set!
NYCC Exclusive…6.5″ Twelfth Doctor!
NYCC Exclusive…8″ Trenzalore TARDIS!
NYCC Exclusive…3″ Homeless Twelfth Doctor!
NYCC…Doctor Who Panel!
Not Lego…Rare Figures!
Seasons Of War…Anthology!
Doctor Who panel…at Edmonton Expo!
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13 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #441 – Officer's Mess

  1. Alright, this has been bugging me for months. Who is the person doing the RFS outro spiel? I do not recognize the voice. After an hour or so of listening to Canadian accents, an unfamiliar voice pops on telling me I was listing to RFS? This has been going on for months now with out an explanation, not that you owe one, but was he ever credited or mentioned by you three?

  2. The voice belongs to none other than our long time friend Simon Harries, who’s been on the show many times in various capacities. You may also have heard him on the Tachyon TV podcast in the past.

  3. Sounds like some kind of fellow Brit to me, Mag. I wouldn’t mind knowing his identity either!

  4. ETA: just saw Chris’s post on the refresh. Thanks, Chris! Nice to hear a bit of Tachyon.

  5. The music playing when Danny Pink looks into the TARDIS for the first time is none other than “Madman With a Box” that was first introduced 5.1 and then played periodically over eleven’s tenure. Most notably, it was played last when eleven takes off his tie right before his regeneration. I can think of two interpretations of this, the first being that Danny was seeing the madman’s box for the first time. Another interpretation could be that with Danny’s introduction to the TARDIS and that side of Clara’s life, it effectively puts the final nail in the romantic relationship (as it were) between Eleven and Clara.

  6. I thought the music sounded Sherlockian.
    When the Doctor was planting devices around the school and came across the graffiti on the window, just before he whistled Pink Floyd.

  7. I believe for contractual reasons, the person who does the closing blurb on RFS is to be credited as “Rula Lenska”.

  8. Warren: I’m originally from Wisconsin and I know exactly what shotgunning a beer is. It’s not just for Canadians anymore.

  9. OK,,about this episode.Missy appears again and we have a brief description of the place including “the nether sphere”.
    The connection seems to be artron energy which is directly related to the doctor and the tardis.

    Since I doubt the program would deal directly with the real heaven or God this must be tech based.
    I suggest the character Missy and the nether sphere is a creation by the doctor kept on board the tardis(maybe a mini scope).He has since forgotten this and did this initially to correct what he felt was his causing needless deaths.He still wants to know am I a good man.This was his effort to correct that..
    Missy was busy that day because when the raider robot was first sucked into the time vortex it popped up somewhere else briefly killing several people or creatures before returning to school a few hours later.

  10. Interesting theory on Missy, Martin. The way the Doctor was acting like Overprotective Father from Hell, my thoughts turned to the possibility that Missy is the Doctor’s grown daughter, and she is cooking up some scheme to take revenge on him for a wretched childhood! (The only wrinkle in this theory would be her reference to the Doctor — apparently — as “my boyfriend” in “Deep Breath.” Perhaps she’s just being ironic?)

    I enjoyed your discussion as ever, guys — even if, like Clara, you’re a bit quick with the excuses for the Doctor and Danny’s behavior toward her!

    I think you are onto something that Clara and Eleven were a couple. Not a traditional couple, mind you — I don’t think Eleven was exclusively faithful to Clara (exhibit A, River Song) — but why else would Twelve had told Clara in “Deep Breath” that the mistake about him being her boyfriend “wasn’t hers to make”?

    The other way to read the Adrian character is that, like an arrogant and overbearing father, the Doctor assumes his daughter will choose a man who reminds her of “dear old Dad”!

    I thought the point made about nine centuries on Trenzalore shaping the Doctor’s current attitudes toward soldiers is an excellent one, and it had not occurred to me.

  11. I’m thinking that Dannys behavior towards Clara is based on the past he pushed a girl he was close to(perhaps a subordinate) into doing something dangerous leading to her death. This would explain the comment or threat to Clara and his anger towards the doctor.

    • That seems likely now that you say it, Martin. I bet you’re right!

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