Radio Free Skaro #440 – All Hail The Great Architect


Radio Free Skaro #440 – Click here to listen!

rfs440The beauty of Doctor Who is that it can be any story, anywhere and anywhen…and yet inexplicably there’s never really been a heist episode. Well, no longer! “Time Heist,” by writer Steve Thompson of “Curse of the Black Spot” and “Journey to the Center of the TARDIS” (ahem) fame. Did this story surpass his previous attempts? The reception by the Three Who Rule is mixed, to say the least. We also have an interview with writer and Peter Harness, the scribe behind “Kill the Moon.” And that’s what you call a podcast with things in it, so listen and enjoy!
Show Notes:

Time Heist…Overnight BBC Viewing Figures!
Listen…Final BBC Ratings!
The Caretaker…Broadcast Time!
Kill The Moon…Synopsis!
2014 Christmas Special…Guest Stars!
Angus Lennie…Died.
David Tennant Years DVD Set…UK Release!
Ghost Light Soundtrack…On Vinyl!
Big Finish…2015 Peter Davison Stories!
Eleventh Doctor…New Action Dollie!
Steven writes an article…for Starburst Magazine!
Doctor Who panel…at Edmonton Expo!
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11 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #440 – All Hail The Great Architect

  1. How did Scotland lose the referendum?
    Wasn’t it Scotland’s choice, like Amy’s Choice, only with Scotland?

  2. “Question why did the teleport work during the solar storm?”
    Why didn’t they wait for the storm and teleport down without having to break into the bank?
    How did the owner of the bank originally know the Doctor’s phone number?

  3. While I enjoyed the episode, I had to watch it again before i did mostly because i had first watched it on TV and the commercial breaks were really poorly timed. Even after I watched it properly I had a really hard time with the background music it seems too loud but worse than that it doesn’t seem to be matching the tone of Calpadi’s performance. A lot of his great oneliners are lost while this sinister or jolly music is playing without any logic. It kept pulling me out of the story. I had the same issue with Breathe and Robots of Sherwood.

  4. poor writing. how could she get the phone number before it happened? into the dalek and robot of Sherwood both had the classic series feel to them, dont understand why people dislike those stories but like this garbage time heist story.

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  6. I thought Capaldi’s “amusing display” with the hands and the “shuttity up-up-up” seemed more written for Matt Smith (as you guys thought, though I didn’t, about the “fear as superpower” bit last week); but I must retract my initial “meh” because, after several viewings, it has really grown on me. I also am hopeful it represents a turning point in the Twelfth Doctor’s growth as a character. The self-hate is there at the start but he’s telling jokes and *laughing* by episode’s end – this, the man who was berating Robin and his Merry Men as “simple” a few weeks past! He is glad to be on “Team Not Dead”!

    Enjoyed your discussion, as ever!

    PS. Suggestion: I always watch “Doctor Who” with the closed captions on. 🙂

  7. I gave Time Heist a 3 out of 5 stars. Not awful, not great. My opinion seems to land somewhere between Chris and Warren.

    Enjoyed the interview with Peter Harness. It’s interesting to hear each writer’s approach to the stories.

  8. If you think “shuttity up-up-up” wasn’t written for Peter Capaldi, watch “The Thick Of It”. That was a toned down version of a notorious expletive-filled expression of a character he played in that show.

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