Radio Free Skaro #438 – Rocket Robin Hood


Radio Free Skaro #438 – Click here to listen!

rfs438Robin Hood! Robots! Shenanigans! Etc! Things took a turn for the romp-y in “Robot of Sherwood,” the latest episode of Doctor Who, but what did the usually taciturn and P-Cap-ian Three Who Rule think? Eh? Listen as the three acerbic grouchwads expound upon the story in question and also reflect on stats and what a blight they are on human society. But that’s not all, not by a long chalk! We also have an interview with director Douglas MacKinnon, whose handiwork will be seen later this series in “Time Heist”, “Flatline” and, next week, in “Listen”! So…do so!
Show Notes:

Robot…Of Sherwood!
Robot of Sherwood…Overnights!
Into The Dalek…Appreciated!
Into The Dalek…SPACE Viewing Figures!
Deep Breath…Sets A SPACE Record!
Into The Dalek…Watched In Australia!
Listen…Goes Out At 7:30!
Time Heist…Synopsis!
Robot Of Sherwood…Edited!
Peter Capaldi…Wins GQ Award!
Peter Capaldi…On The Graham Norton Show!
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5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #438 – Rocket Robin Hood

  1. the sheriff does say in the episode that he is half human and half robot. so it is still part of the story. watch it again.

  2. Capadi is too old for this comedy nonsense. Hartnel had serious stories and Dr Who was the better for it. This series is awful. get rid of Moffat.

  3. John – may I direct you to The Romans and The Gunfighters for Hartnell’s turns at comedy (plus bits here and there elsewhere, eg. The Time Meddler)? 🙂

  4. Wasn’t the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver exploding the target explained by his admission that he was using doctored arrows? (pun intended – hahahahaha).

  5. The Myth Makers parts 1-3 is pure Hartnell-era comedy. Part 4 is pretty grim though.

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