April 2014 North America Doctor Who DVD Release


2013 saw the return of almost two complete, previously thought lost forever, Doctor Who stories: The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear.

While The Enemy of the World, the complete story, has seen release on DVD already (except in the United States as yet – sorry American friends!), The Web of Fear has finally had its North American DVD release date announced as April 22, 2014. The iTunes release of The Web of Fear, the second story to feature the Yeti and the recently-returned Great Intelligence, of course had a reconstruction for its missing Episode 3; it seems the DVD release will have the reconstruction again despite other recent Classic Doctor Who releases having some episodes animated.

In fact, like The Enemy of the World, no extras are likely be included with the DVD release of The Web of Fear, though Warner has yet to formally announce that information. No final artwork is yet available, though it will be based on the above design by Tea-Lady Design.

MSRP for this single-disc release will be $19.98. Click on the above artwork for a larger version, and read more details at TVShowsOnDVD.com!


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