Radio Free Skaro #401 – Nightmare in Silver


Radio Free Skaro #401 – Click here to listen!

rfs401It’s the beginning of the next 400 episodes of Radio Free Skaro, and what better way to start off this new era than with talk of Star Wars, weather in Florida, hockey, Tim Hortons and other irrelevant meanderings! The Three Who Rule eventually focused their energies and relayed what little Doctor Who news eked out this week, including such gems as new guests for Gallifrey 2014 (and the lineup for our own live show on Friday, February 14th), the return of friend of the show Phil Ford to Doctor Who, and other assorted newsy morsels.

All mere preamble to a commentary recorded this summer at Westercon for “Silver Nemesis”. We’re not saying our commentary is good, but rest assured it is better than the story itself, so have a listen to it, won’t you?

Show Notes:

Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
Radio Free Skaro…Gallifrey Stands!
Doctor Who…Series 8 Begins Filming!
Phil Ford…Writes for Series 8!
Series 9…Confirmed?
BFI Matt Smith Celebration…Video!
City of Death…Novelization in Hardcover!
Doctor Who Console Video Games…Are No More!
National Television Awards…Fictitious Nominations!



2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #401 – Nightmare in Silver

  1. I enjoyed this episode so much that I sold my Gally passes and bought a Lionheart t-shirt instead!

    No, that’s not quite true. Actually, the White Guardian appeared in passenger seat of my car while I was listening to this episode and said, “You must purchase this t-shirt!”

    Yeah, that’s not true, either.

    Actually, we can’t make the trip from the east coast this year, so I had to sell our Gally passes. When you mentioned that you have Lionheart t-shirts for sale, I bought one to cheer myself up. Undignified squeeing may have been involved in the decision. There are no witnesses, so you can’t prove a thing. 😉

    In all seriousness, RFS is one of my favorite podcasts and I’m glad to be able to help support it. Thanks for all the hard work that you do to make the podcast happen!

  2. Meh…. Complaining about the cold? Come to Adelaide where it has been 40 degrees celsius for pretty much every day this week. 😉

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