Radio Free Skaro #400 – Matt Finish


Radio Free Skaro #400 – Click here to listen!

rfs400From its origins on a humble Skype connection in 2006 to the quasi-shabby status it endures today, Radio Free Skaro has tried to entertain, inform and educate its listeners about the wonderful world of Doctor Who. And in this, its 400th episode, it may have finally succeeded. Joining us for a retrospective roundtable on the Matt Smith era were Chris and Laura Mead of the Oodcast, Luke Harrison of TMDWP, Kyle Anderson of the Doctor Who: The Writer’s Room (and Nerdist fame) and Chip, the Two Minute Time Lord. What did these luminaries, and to a much lesser extent, Steven, Warren, and Chris think of Matt Smith’s run as the Doctor? You’ll just have to listen to find out. You’ll also have to endure some blather about stats beforehand. Vegetables before you get your dessert!
Show Notes:

The Time of the Doctor…Appreciated!
The Time of the Doctor…Final Viewing Figures!
The Time of the Doctor…Sets Another BBC America Record!
Gareth Roberts…Writing for Series 8!
Tom Baker’s New Year’s…Message!
The Best of The Doctor…On Region 4 DVD!
Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
Babelcolour’s…50th Anniversary Tribute Video!

Luke…from TMDWP!
Kyle…from DWTWR!
Chip…from 2MTL!
Chris and Laura Sigma…from The Oodcast!


5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #400 – Matt Finish

  1. Happy 400th podcast Radio Free Skaro.I seem to remember first listening to your programme when you were reviewing series three so i guess i’m actually quite a long term listener.Wish Pedantor was involved in the roundtable in this particular podcast but congratulations.Welcome to your TARDIS Mr Capaldi,best of luck,taking care of business.

  2. Laughed hysterically at Warren’s impression of “BARB”. Just when I think your stats coverage couldn’t get any better….

  3. From a recent convert (but one who has downloaded tons of older editions) – Happy 400th, and thanks for making my evenings (and my trips to work) so much fun and so interesting for all the time I’ve been listening. I love the interviews. I love the banter between the three of you. And I even like the stats, mainly for Warren’s reaction to them 🙂

  4. Happy 400th! I’ve listened to most of them since I first stumbled upon them on the Tunein Radio app of all places. but I admit I skipped a bunch in the middle because I wanted to hear what you had said about the recent episodes I had just seen.

    This is my first go-to podcast for “Doctor Who”, as well as being my first podcast. And it is the place where I have found out about other ‘casts that I have branched out to, also.

    John: Well, I don’t think that companions should upstage the Doctor. And as talented and frenetic as Craig is, there’s a good chance he might upstage Capaldi! The Master would be a better role for him, you are right.

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