Radio Free Skaro #399 – Handles With Care


Radio Free Skaro #399 – Click here to listen!

rfs399The Fall of the Eleventh is at last upon us as Matt Smith took his final bow in the 2013 Doctor Who Christmas Special, “The Time of the Doctor”. Crammed with all sorts of the Doctor’s past enemies and a number of other surprises, the episode was topped off with a momentous performance from the outgoing Matt Smith. But what do the Three Who Rule think of this one? Did it pack enough emotional wallop after the spectacle that was the 50th anniversary? Did Matt Smith go out in a blaze of glory like Christopher Eccleston, or did he limp to the finish line like some (well, we) think David Tennant’s Doctor did? Listen and find out. Oh, and Peter Capaldi is the Doctor now. We think this is a good thing, and it will make the wait for Capaldi’s first proper outing as the Twelfth Doctor a very long one indeed…
Show Notes:

The Time…of the Doctor!
The Time of the Doctor…deleted scene!
The Time of the Doctor…behind the lens!
The Time of the Doctor…video roundup!
The Time of the Doctor…video roundup (more)!
The Time of the Doctor…overnight viewing figures!
Matt Smith says farewell…to Doctor Who!

Doctor Puppet…a Time Lord Christmas!
Doctor Who Celebration…video panel!
The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear…might air on BBC4!
The “average” face of…The Doctor!
Coming to Gallifrey One…Paul McGann!

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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #399 – Handles With Care

  1. Isn’t it weird there seems to be an undercurrent that the Time Lords should have been properly restored into Doctor Who again when the Doctor recieved his new cycle of regenerations?I feel it would have cheapened Day of the Doctor if the Time Lords were more involved in the very next story,for me and i really only like their original appearances in The War Games,Three Doctors and Deadly Assassin anyway.There was a lot of compressed storytelling and abandonment in Time Of The Doctor but Moffat is not accountable for other peoples decisions.Matt Smith was a great Doctor and is a great actor.Actors don’t become real actors to play the same character forever though,no matter how different the job is from anything else.I think i’ll be hanging on to my bow tie for a while and looking forward to observing the various characters Matt realises and who he works with.

  2. Sigh.Fascinated by this Church Of The Papal Mainframe concept of Moffats and how it relates to the history of River Song and her marriage to the Doctor.They imprisoned River for murdering the Doctor at Lake Silencio.They pardoned her for helping the Doctor and Amy on Alfalva Metraxis and accomplishing her mission with the clerics.The Kovarian sect abducted her and turned her into a weapon.What is Rivers’ relationship with this Church and if this priestess Tasha Lem was involved in some kind relationship with the Doctor,how did she react after River and the Doctor married?Good Grief.

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