Radio Free Skaro #396 – The Great Canadian Wheat Plains Are Safe


Radio Free Skaro #396 – Click here to listen!

rfs396Statspocalypse! Yes, in a moment that Warren has feared since the inception of Radio Free Skaro, the 50th Anniversary generated stats to such a degree that they may have become sentient and declared war on humanity. And despite Warren’s hatred of the Devil Numbers, Radio Free Skaro gave you, the listener, comprehensive coverage of viewing figures, iPlayer requests, and other such pointless spreadsheetery.

But it wasn’t all stats (thankfully)! News of Other Doctor dollies, in-depth articles on 3D and the Radiophonic Workshop and more besides peppered the news list, leading up to the main event, the Missing Episodes panel from Chicago TARDIS, featuring Ed Stradling and Dan Hall of the DVD range and our own Steven as moderator. Note to Gallifrey Base users: Try not to divine rumour and nonsense from the facts and statements of truth in said panel. That is all. Thank you and good day! (puts on bowler hat, storms off stage left)

Show Notes:

Coming soon…The Time of the Doctor!
The Time of the Doctor…December 25, 730pm on BBC One!
…The Time of the Doctor…December 25, 800pm ET on Space!
…The Time of the Doctor…December 25, 900pm on BBC America!
…The Time of the Doctor…December 26, 730pm on ABC1!
The Time of the Doctor…snippets!
The Time of the Doctor…more snippets!
The Day of the Doctor…final viewing figures on BBC One!
The Day of the Doctor…record iPlayer requests!
The Day of the Doctor…record figures on Space!
The Day of the Doctor…record figures on BBC America!
The Day of the Doctor…UK box office numbers!
The Day of the Doctor…US box office numbers!
The Day of the Doctor…3D technology!
The Day of the Doctor…visual effects!
The Day of the Doctor…DVD details!
Paul McGann on…his surprise return!
Milk to do the visual effects…for Series 8!
An Adventure in Space and Time…BFI Q&A extract!
Waris Hussein’s script…for An Unearthly Child!
Radio Times article on…the Restoration Team!
BFI Eleventh Doctor event…guests announced!
The Enemy of the World and An Adventure…Canadian DVD exclusive release!
Radiophonic Workshop…revised Doctor Who theme!
Radiophonic Workshop…article in The Guardian!
The Other Doctor…action figure!
Doctor Who Cuttings Archive…returns!
New Doctor Who…puzzle app!
Doctor Who Adventures…interactive edition!
BBC Worldwide…closes Los Angeles video games division!
The Quest for Pedler…pre-orders available!
Barry Jackson…dies, sadly.


Blue Box Podcast Episode 79 – Fast Return

Chicago TARDIS Missing Episodes Panel:
Dan Hall
Ed Stradling

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3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #396 – The Great Canadian Wheat Plains Are Safe

  1. Hey,Warrens’ discussion of 3D cinematography was informative and fascinating.Good work,Warren.I have to admit i enjoyed the collection of statistics in this weeks episode though since they were actually pretty remarkable and positive.Not much wrong with that.At the twilight of the 11th Doctors tenure,i find it necessary to dispute the suggestion that Doctor Who is any less popular with children because of Moffat’s elaborately plotted writing.I just don’t see any evidence to properly support the idea if you consider the response to Moffat’s various initiatives to encourage creative writing using Doctor Who in schools or the enthusiasm of young kids like Lindalee when they meet Matt Smith floated on the internet.It just seems like a manufactured criticism invented by people with an aversion to series 6’s plot points for me.Not really buying it,personally.

  2. About DVD vs iTunes discussed in the episode. I have the iTunes of “Enemy” and can only watch it on my computer. Once I get the DVD, I can rip it to video files for my own use (fair use) and watch it on my phone and tablet. It’s a problem that exists until Apple opens up iTunes video player to Amazon and/or Android devices, or perhaps until someone hacks an app that lets you easily watch the files you paid for on your hardware. Or perhaps BBC and others will start selling their digital content through a more universally available download store.

    So, anyway, the limitations of iTunes definitely encourage DVD sales.

  3. So, no AAITAS release in the US until Future Shop/Best Buy Canada’s exclusivity deal is up?


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