Radio Free Skaro #395 – Bigger On The Inside


Radio Free Skaro #395 – Click here to listen!

rfs395As if the build-up to and the celebration of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary wasn’t enough, the very next week after “The Day of the Doctor” wowed and amazed countless fans worldwide, more than two thousand of those fans gathered at Chicago TARDIS to revel in the celebration. Join Steven, with special guests Graeme Burk, Ken Deep, and David and Marty Hooie as they reminisce about another successful edition of the annual Midwestern convention. But that’s not all! Steven spent the weekend gathering interviews with many of the guests, both onstage and off, and the first of these is presented to you here: an onstage interview with everybody’s favourite Sontaran, Dan Starkey, famous for his wonderful portrayal of Strax. Listen for more interviews in future weeks from Chicago TARDIS!

Show Notes:


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