Radio Free Skaro #389 – A Holiday For The Doctor


Radio Free Skaro #389 – Click here to listen!

rfs389A trailer! A trailer! Maybe not THE trailer we’ve all been waiting for, but certainly a fitting tribute to 50 years of Doctor Who, with a frankly insane number of homages and visual cues stuffed into a minute of pure nostalgia. In true timey-wimey fashion, the Three Who Rule recorded the bulk of this episode BEFORE the trailer came out, but Steven and Warren were able to admonish their past selves and give their brief thoughts on the trailer, mostly consisting of “ooo,” “ahhh,” and “gear!”

But lest you think a minute of visually splendiferous pandering was all that was covered in this episode of RFS, feast your earballs on a Miniscope featuring an interview with Liz Myles, the co-editor of Chicks Unravel Time and a member of the Verity! podcast, as she sings the praises of the Graham Williams era. Steven, Warren and Chris also cover the peaks and valleys of the Williams era, in addition to bantering about non-trailer related news. Fantasallonsonimo!

Show Notes:

Fifty Years of Doctor Who…trailer!
The Day of The Doctor…promo pics!
An Adventure In Space and Time…promo pics!
Ben Wheatley…to direct Doctor Who!
The Day of The Doctor…in Australian cinemas!
The Moonbase…documentary!
The Web of Fear Parts 1-3…cleared by the BBFC!
The Web of Fear Parts 4-6…cleared by the BBFC!
Doctor Who coins…in New Zealand!
Doctor Who ado…at Buckingham Palace!


Graham Williams


Liz Myles

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7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #389 – A Holiday For The Doctor

  1. Thanks to LM Myles for such a respectable and enthusiastic defence of Graham Williams’ contribution to Doctor Who’s history.I’m personally sceptical about accusations that Williams was regularly too lenient with Tom Baker.Definitely must have had some problems with each other about Tom refusing to work with Alan Bromly anyway.When you were discussing female directors in contemporary Who you credited Alice Troughton with directing Blink instead of Hattie McDonald,i believe.Alice Troughton directed Midnight and The Doctor’s Daughter.Hattie Mc Donald was damn great although she hasn’t shot another story.

  2. I admit I haven’t had a chance to listen to this episode yet (it will have to wait until tomorrow’s dog walk…) but did I miss the Miniscope covering the Hinchcliffe era?

    Maybe I’ve done a brain-fart, but it seemed we skipped from Letts to Williams.

  3. Get Myles on again – she was thoroughly entertaining – may well download her podcast!

  4. I usually like Liz’s contributions to the Verity podcast and mirror her love for Troughton and the Graham Williams years…. However, I also like listening to the Miniscope for a discussion about the various production eras, in much the way John Williams discussed the Bryant/Sherwin era. This, and the previous episode with Gary Russell on the Letts era, felt very…. hollow. Enthusiastic, certainly, but hollow all the same.

  5. BBC America has not revealed which cinemas in the US will be showing the 50th, other than to say there will be a press release announcing this. My contact there didn’t say when this press release will be. I figure it will be soon? But no idea…

  6. And now I’ve actually started listening to the podcast (complete with the 3 minute silence) I got my answer regarding the missing Hinchcliffe! So all is well.. 🙂

  7. I like’Amy’s Choice’ so much that i have to point out that Catherine Morshead was the last female director to work on the programme recently.Really hope i’m not annoying anybody but it is a favourite episode of mine,so i need to say something.It’s not accurate to say Moffat never uses female directors.I agree with Liz that i sometimes imagine those tunnels in Underworld lead underneath the palace of Peladon because they’re so similar.I know Rob Shearmans going to be frustratingly correct and positive about JNT already.

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