Radio Free Skaro #384 – A Battle of Wits


Radio Free Skaro #384 – Click here to listen!

rfs384Our second entry in our Producer era Miniscopes sees us tackle the John Wiles era, a controversial six months in Doctor Who’s long history that ushered in great changes and foreshadowed a great many more. Joining us to discuss the finer points of this tumultuous time is Toby Hadoke, and we also bring you an interview with Peter Purves, who played Steven Taylor throughout the Wiles era. Before that, Simon Harries drops by to discuss the news of the week with Steven and Warren. A jam packed episode, to be sure!
Show Notes:

Coming November 23…The Day of The Doctor!
The Day of The Doctor…poster!
Doctor Who…takes over television!
Five Doctors on the cover…of Doctor Who Magazine!
Gallifrey One…guest update!
BFI Tenth Doctor event…guests announced!
BFI Eighth Doctor event…guests announced!
BFI Seventh Doctor panel…on YouTube!
BFI Ninth Doctor panel…on YouTube!
Doctor Who…wins awards!
Script Doctor…republished!
Doctor Who girls…calendar!
Myth Makers Presents…Golden Years!
Remote control…flying TARDIS!
TARDIS…gelatin mold!
Doctor Who…chocolate molds!
A Day with…Philip Hinchliffe!


John Wiles
Donald Tosh


Toby Hadoke
Peter Purves

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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #384 – A Battle of Wits

  1. I’m afraid i’m a fellow passenger in Warren’s ship of unenthusiasm for John Wiles’ contribution to Doctor Who overall regardless of Shapansky and Hadokes’ admirable efforts to convince me of it’s merits.You can tell me the boat will sink,if you want to but.. if Wiles did really have an agenda to make Doctor Who more adult science fiction,then why did he produce so many historical dramas and comedies?I never get the sense he has any affinity for the programme or was proud of it and i have no respect or understanding at all for his disposable attitude to the actors who worked for him.I don’t especially want to be negative but i can’t approve.

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