Gallifrey One 2014 Guest Update


Some more guests have been added to the already impressive bill at the upcoming Gallifrey One convention in February 2014!

jeanmarshAn acting legend in the UK since the 1960s, and famous for the series 1970s series Upstairs, Downstairs, Jean Marsh has had some notable brushes with the Doctor Who world. Previously married to Jon Pertwee, Jean first appeared on Doctor Who in 1965’s “The Crusade”, then followed it up by playing short term companion Sara Kingdom in the epic “The Daleks’ Master Plan” later that year. Jean returned to Doctor Who in 1989 to portray Morgaine in “Battlefield”. This will be Jean Marsh’s first appearance at Gallifrey One.
kateomaraKate O’Mara played the villainous Rani in two stories – Season 22’s “The Mark of the Rani” and Sylvester McCoy’s debut “Time and the Rani” from Season 24. The plot of the latter story called on Kate to double for Bonnie Langford in disguise as Mel, and Kate now replaces Bonnie Langford at Gallifrey One as Bonnie has had to pull out of attending the con! Funny how these things work out. 2014 will be Kate’s first appearance at Gallifrey One.
jacquelinekingJacqueline King played the disappointed mother to Catherine Tate’s underachieving Donna Noble in the 2006 Christmas Special “The Runaway Bride”. Jacqueline would reprise the role in Series 4 and 2009-10’s “The End of Time”. 2014 will see the first appearance at Gallifrey One for Jacqueline.
Deep RoyFamous in recent years for appearing in a variety of Tim Burton productions including Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and perhaps best know now as being Scotty’s alien companion Keenser in the new Star Trek films, Deep Roy played the role of Mr. Sin in the iconic 1977 serial “The Talons of Weng-Chiang”. He also appeared in the flesh as The Klute in the beloved Blake’s 7 episode “Gambit”. This will be Deep’s first appearance at Gallifrey One.
tobyhadokeFriend of the show Toby Hadoke returns to Gallifrey One with a Friday night performance of his hit comedy show “My Stepson Stole My Sonic Screwdriver”. Toby first wowed Gally with his 2009 show “Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf”, and he has also been omnipresent on many classic series DVD commentaries and extra features.
jamiegloverJamie Glover has yet to appear in the Doctor Who universe, but he will be playing William Russell in Mark Gatiss’s An Adventure in Space and Time that will be broadcast in November. Also, Jamie comes from an impressive Doctor Who acting pedigree, as both his parents Julian Glover (“The Crusade”, “City of Death”) and Isla Blair (“The King’s Demons”) have appeared on the show in the past. This will be Jamie’s first appearance at Gallifrey One.
nevfountainNev Fountain makes his return to Gallifrey One since the 2009 edition of the convention. Nev is well known for his work on the comedy series Dead Ringers, but he also written several Doctor Who audio plays for Big Finish, and created the popular audio series Mervyn Stone about a crime solving ex-script editor of a popular science fiction show!
elliedarceyaldenjosephdarceyaldenEllie Darcey-Alden and Joseph Darcey-Alden are real life siblings, and they played onscreen sister and brother Francesca and Digby in the 2012 Christmas special “The Snowmen”. This will be the Darcey-Aldens’ first appearance at Gallifrey One.
Check out the full list of guests on the Gallifrey One website. Stay tuned to Gallifrey One and Radio Free Skaro for future guest announcements!


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