Radio Free Skaro #375 – Scaling the Shard


Radio Free Skaro #375 – Click here to listen!

rfs375With San Diego Comic Con looming in just a week’s time, the news list was filled to bursting with silly plastic dolls, lunch boxes and of course the con itself, which will feature a Sunday session with Steven Moffat, Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and Mark Gatiss, as well as the iconic David Bradley who appears as the iconic William Hartnell in the iconic Adventures in Space and Time. But before SDCC comes the BBC Proms, a snippet of which you will hear on this very program! Toss in DVDs, ebooks, telesnaps and more and you’ve got a veritable gumbo of podcast goodness of #sharknado proportions. But wait, there’s more! A “The Bells of Saint John” commentary with which to fill your earholes with mirth, glee and mirth-glee! Listen! Now!
Show Notes:

Doctor Who at the…2013 BBC Proms!
Doctor Who…at San Diego Comic-Con!
An Adventure in Space and Time…promo pic!
Steven Moffat interviewed…by Entertainment Weekly!
The Fourth Doctor…Time Capsule DVD Set!
Doctor Who: The Monsters Collection…on DVD!
Doctor Who Complete Series 7…box set!
New Seventh Doctor…e-book!
Doctor Who Magazine Second Doctor…Missing Episodes Special!
British Icon…Dalek!
SDCC First and Eleventh Doctors…action doll exclusives!
SDCC Exclusive…Ace action figure!


The Bells…of Saint John!

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One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #375 – Scaling the Shard

  1. The person who gave Clara the Doctor’s number can’t be either River or herself. If it had been River then she would have recognised her in Name of the Doctor (never mind River being dead). If it had been another one of herself then she would have been her own dead ringer. Perfectly possible but you would mention it to everyone when you talked about being in the shop and we never get a mention.

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