Radio Free Skaro #374 – The Inside Story


Radio Free Skaro #374 – Click here to listen!

rfs374The Three Who Rule went west to Westercon this week, special guests of the 66th edition of one of the longest running science fiction conventions in the world. Much fun was had, much sun was enjoyed, and all three of the RFS hosts were very active on a variety of panels throughout the weekend. One such panel devoted to the history of Radio Free Skaro is presented in this episode, in which the past seven years of RFS podcasts are recounted, the highs, the lows, from humble beginnings to the recent triumphs of today (what other podcast has had a commentary of Delta and the Bannermen, we ask you?). We hope you enjoy our introspective look at a podcast that we truly do enjoy producing every week to hopefully entertain and distract you from your minor inconveniences.
Show Notes:

BBC suspends…3D broadcasting!
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Convention…guests announced!
#thefourth…Teaser trailer!
#thefourth…Terror of the Zygons DVD teaser!
An Adventure in Space and Time console room…at Paris Comic-Con!
BBC Proms…coming this weekend!

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3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #374 – The Inside Story

  1. The retrospective was great. Added benefit: you were all in the same room on the same sound system, so I could hear all 3 Who Ruled equally well!

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