Radio Free Skaro #363 – Ghost Lite


Radio Free Skaro #363 – Click here to listen!

Awoooooo! Scary stuff! That’s what this week’s instalment of Doctor Who was, as “Hide”, a tautly written and directed thriller, enthralled many a fan and viewer. But what did the Three Who Rule think? They were widely split with their opinions of writer Neil Cross’s first effort, “The Rings of Akhaten”; will Cross make Chris cross, or will it be smooth sailing for all involved? Also discussed are changing pronunciations of planet names throughout the years (because, yes, Metebelis-gate is casually mentioned in this episode), the title of the Series 7b finale, the return of the Doctor Who Proms, and some exciting action figures coming your way later this year. Awooooo!
Show Notes:

Cold War…Appreciated!
The Rings of Akhaten…Final BBC Ratings!
Series 7 Finale…Title!
Series 7B…Final Four Movie Posters!
Doctor Who…Returns to the Proms!
The Snowmen…DVD/BD Region 1 Release Date!
Chris Chibnall…Returning to Doctor Who?
The Daemons…Action Figures!

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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #363 – Ghost Lite

  1. The mispronunciation of “Metebelis III” isn’t the slip of the tongue that had me do a spit-take, it was the Doctor’s statement that the early Earth they visited was about 6 billion years ago.
    6 billion?

    The Earth is 4,5 billion years old! 6 billion years ago there wouldn’t even have been a view like the one shown to Donna in ‘The Runaway Bride’.

    This is some “moon coming into alignment” from ‘Cold Blood’/ ‘Hungry Earth’ crap that the show ought to be past in 2013. I’m not asking for the show to hire a full time science advisor but let’s have the writer or script supervisors or whoever at least look up verifiable facts on Wikipedia before filming it.
    ‘Doctor Who’ isn’t a documentary and doesn’t have a need to depict events from history with any great accuracy but these aren’t facts they’re ignoring to serve the plot, they’re just being wrong. In this the 50th anniversary year they might take more care to live up to the original promise of the show and, if not sneak some education in there, at least not pepper the scripts with random falsehoods masquerading as facts.

    And also, as I’ve said before, the title ‘The Name of the Doctor’ has got to be an attempt to troll the fans. If the answer to the question “Doctor, who?” turns out to be what’s written on his birth certificate instead of an exploration of that sliver of ice in him that was mentioned in ‘Hide’ I will have lost my trust in Moffat.

  2. Quite impressed by ‘Hide’ as well,although i’m getting a little exhausted with the regular analogies with The Doctor and supporting characters in episodes.I’d prefer them to leave Matt with the responsibility of making his character relatable with his performance rather than accomplishing this with the scripts.The scripts should be emphasising that the Doctor is mysterious,ingenious and unique instead of associating his experiences with everybody he encounters all the time.Your action figure discussion was seriously scary and it looks like you may have to banish them from your newslist.Hope you find Calgary expo to your liking.[Just stay away from the action figures,it could be a Nestene plan.]

  3. No mention of the similarities between the Van Gogh “Space Chicken” and the “bogeyman”? Both introduced an “alien” and used the terrifying factor as a cover for a lonely/hurt creature. In both cases, the alien was used as a plot driver, but not the main focal point of the story.

    Plus, what is up with all of the references to music that seem to be centered around the plotlines?
    1. Rings of Akhaten – they sing that STUPID song to their sun.
    2. Cold War – Duran Duran’s Hungry Like the Wolf was sung by Clara, was this 100% necessary?
    3. Hide – the music room is at the heart of the building, could be throw-away, but we all know that little in Who is thrown away so easily.
    4. The return of River Song. Is it just because of the name SONG?

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