The Snowmen North America DVD Release


May 28 sees the release of Doctor Who Series 7 Part Two on DVD and Blu-Ray, but it also sees the release of the standalone version of The Snowmen.

Also available on both DVD and Blu-Ray, the extras for The Snowmen will appear on the standalone release as well as the aforementioned Series 7 Part Two box set – as will, as mentioned previously on Radio Free Skaro, the episode itself.

The release will contain two “prequels” to The Snowmen along with the behind the scenes item, Clara’s White Christmas. So why have this standalone release with no unique extras? Why have it come out the same day as the Series 7 Part Two box set which includes The Snowmen itself? Both excellent questions, and we have no good answer. This seems a superfluous release to say the least, perhaps geared towards the collectors who must have absolutely everything – or perhaps only collect the standalone Christmas episode releases. Either way, this is $14.98 (DVD MSRP) or $19.98 (Blu-Ray MSRP) that we don’t think we’ll be spending.

Click the package art for larger versions, and check for more details!

Update: BBC America is not listing The Snowmen or its related extras as part of this set; information can change in advance of a product’s release and if The Snowmen is indeed not on the Series 7 Part Two set it makes perfect sense to release it on a standalone DVD. Keep tuned to Radio Free Skaro for any further updates as they are known.


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