Radio Free Skaro #362 – Ice Hot


Radio Free Skaro #362 – Click here to listen!

After a wait of almost 40 years, the Ice Warriors have returned to Doctor Who, with at least (and let’s be honest, at most) one heavily armoured, lumbering green menace back to make the lives of an 80’s crew of Soviet submariners a soggy, terrifying hell. Mark Gatiss, a Who polymath with some hits and a few misses under his belt, brings the claustrophobic terror with “Cold War,” but the real question is, what did the Three Who Rule think of the story? With precious little to discuss besides this episode and stats, stats, stats (and more stats) they expostulated at length, coming perilously close to beating Douglas McKinnon’s expertly paced tale’s running time with their balderdash and bafflegab.
Show Notes:

Cold War…Overnight Viewing Figures!
The Rings of Akhaten…Overnight Viewing Figures!
The Rings of Akhaten…Appreciated!
The Bells of Saint John…Final BBC Viewing Figures!
Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS…Synopsis!
Jemma Redgrave…Returns!
Ice Warriors…DVD Details!

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7 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #362 – Ice Hot

  1. Good roar from Pedantor about the cattle prod and all the water around,it didn’t occur to me.I saw an Ice Warrior spaceship and a warrior without his armour so that’s more important to me anyway.It’s a shame Gatiss is the only writer who uses the convention of the eccentric scientist in his supporting characters as i do tend to miss the likes of Rubbiesh,Kettlewell and Watkins in a lot of stories now.No sympathy at all for people attacking this particular story for being derivitive.If Doctor Who was always concerned about that, the Ice Warriors would never have been introduced in the first place because the idea of invaders from Mars was hardly unusual in science fiction.Alien has a lot of suspicious similarities to the Ark In Space anyway,even if it looked better.

  2. Good thing people had the foresight not to write any books in 1983 so things could be rewritten, or it would have taken some of the excitement out of the episode.

  3. Dougray Scott was cast as Wolverine in the first X-Men movie. MI 2 ran long and Hugh Jackman stepped in. Good for Hugh, sucks for Dougray.

  4. Your memory betrays you, War-Ren!

    The Gorn in the episode ‘In a Mirror, Darkly, Part 2’ looks pretty much like the original except less like a guy in a suit. Observe:

    The CG effect was bad so it’s a good thing they kept the thing mostly in the shadows but then that was really my only gripe with this week’s ‘Doctor Who’, the CG martian wasn’t too convincing when we were finally given a good view of it. ‘Enterprise’ did a great job bringing lizard people to the screen the season before the Gorn with some of the Xindi, that time through make up and masks and ‘Doctor Who’ updated the Silurians with great success when the show brought them back.
    I think it might still not be possible to convincingly do CG alien lizard people on the budget and schedule of a weekly television show.

  5. Actually,i think it would be very sensible to write another story with professor Grisenko in it, a la Churchill,Vastra and Harriet Jones just because everybody would have liked a bit more David Warner.Can’t understand James’ time can be rewritten criticism.It’s completely consistent with ideas developed by Spooner and Holmes as the very excellent latest DWTWR podcast touches on so it’s not as if there isn’t a precedent for it.Another example of gratuitous Moffat bashing.It’s wibbly wobbly fixed points in time that puzzle me.

  6. Farscape is absolutely fantastic! Watch it now!

    (If you do end up watching it, give it until the middle of the second season. The first season is solid, but it really starts getting good in Season Two.)

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