Radio Free Skaro #347 – Toyfairgate


Radio Free Skaro #347 – Click here to listen!

A shocking amount of news made its way from the wilds of the Internet to the fevered brains and out of the fetid mouths of the Three Who Rule this week, including the infamous “ToyFairGate,” where canny spies noted BBC posters announcing….somewhat sparse plans for the anniversary year of Doctor Who. The din of fan outrage was such that it almost drowned out announcements of new action figures, soundtracks, special edition DVDs and other delicious morsels.

But controversy and action figure portfolios aside, this week also marks an interview with Paul Scoones, Doctor Who historian and author of “The Comic Strip Companion: 1964-1979” which chronicles decades of Doctor Who comic strips. Scoones is also well known for his deep production knowledge, expressed through the medium of subtitles on Doctor Who DVDs. Steven spent the better part of an hour delving deep into Scoones work with him, and now we bring that interview to you.

And remember, in less than three weeks Radio Free Skaro will open Gallifrey One with our live show, “The Ambassadors of Death!” With a guest lineup of Sylvester McCoy, Philip Hinchcliffe, Bernard Horsfall, Neve McIntosh, Richard Hope and Dan Starkey, it’s sure to be ninety minutes of fun, facts and…a return guest appearance from Chip, the Two Minute Time Lord!

Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…The Ambassadors of Death!
Doctor Who Returns March 30…To BBC One!
Doctor Who Returns March 30…To SPACE!
Doctor Who Returns March 30…To BBC America!
Doctor Who…50th Anniversary Website!
Doctor Who…50th Anniversary Lineup!
An Adventure In Time And Space…Begins Filming Soon!
The Aztecs…Revisitations Release Details!
The Caves Of Androzani…Soundtrack!
Character Options…Announces New Toys!
The Mind Of Evil…BFI Screening Change!



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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #347 – Toyfairgate

  1. Strange.It’s like you’re taking lessons from the BBC about making your podcast now.I remember a statement saying that since the BBC announced when they were going to broadcast new Doctor Who you had all your content for the programme planned for the rest of the year and then you end your show by announcing you have no idea what your show will be about next week.If i had a robot dog from the future i’d have to send him to Canada to attack you.I’ll pardon you because the Paul Scoones interview was quite fascinating and convivivial,but it doesn’t matter since i don’t have a robot dog from the future yet anyway.Good interview though.

  2. My take on ToyFairGate (as in which camp is right) is that either it’s okay for fans to feel disappointed or it’s okay for the showrunner to blatantly mislead fans. Because in this case it pretty much has to be one or the other.

    But really though it just doesn’t make any logical sense to me that they would cut back on the number of episodes… if that’s really what happens there must be a really compelling reason for it and I’d hope we find out what it is.

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